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Vegan Coconut Crunchies

My baking has change since having a kid. I still like looking at fancy entremets and beautiful bon bons but lately I am more inclined to homey, feel good baked goods. I'm also in the hunt for healthier snack alternative for my 1 year old who is a serial snacker, unfortunately, my little goober has some allergies so I have to be very careful and picky with what I give him. He loves fruits but sometimes It's good to have dry snacks handy, you know what I mean?

So I wanted to make crispy flat cookies that are easy to eat, made with good ingredients and fits his food restrictions. This cookie is made of Coconut oil as a butter sub, chia seeds for egg sub, Coconut sugar as a regular sugar sub and Oat Milk as a Milk sub. I'm working on Almond flour sub to make it GF as well,but M can tolerate wheat so I'm trying to introduce as much allergen to him so he can eventually outgrow his allergies. This is super easy and can be made without using a mixer. I did use my handheld Kitc…

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