Hello fellow wanderlust, how is June treating you? Me? well summer is not yet over, well atleast it ended after our Bali trip. I've gathered 400+ pictures during our 5 day vacation ( I was only using my trusty iPhone) and I honestly didn't know where to start blogging. So I've decided to take it day by day, so that I won't get overwhelm with all my photos. 

If you are a foodie and enjoy dining out like me, then you'd be inlove with Bali. I'm very open to different kinds of cuisine, I love curry, spices and all other asian cuisine as much as I love a good ol' adobo and 4 cheese pizza. As much as I enjoy street food, I also enjoy a good ambience, I guess aside from good food I also look forward to the whole dining experience. 

On our first night in Bali, we decided to walk around our area and find a resto near the beach. We saw De javu Kitchen and immediately fell inlove with the cute interior. Sadly my food photos are so dark and grainy and there is really no point posting it here, you just have to take my word for it, haha. Food was a mixture of Indonesian and Western so perfect for everyone's palettes. Food was mid-range price and as I've noticed that they have a long list of wine selection. As of the taste, it was good but nothing spectacular, or maybe we didn't order the right dish I'm not quite sure. 

Family pic  with our special guest Chiche ;-p

With my sister from another motha Chiche and my real Sister April

If given a chance, I'd probably go back and dine here again, food and price was a good match and the place had a very nice chill out feel that I love.

More to come from my Bali Experience and amazing Bali restos!


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