Hello El Nido

I've always been an island kind of girl, I love going to the beach and basking in the sun. I guess Having Sandy as my nickname makes perfect sense. Though Boracay will always have a special place in my heart, El Nido definitely made me swoon like a little girl with its glorious beauty. 

El Nido has this reputation of being luxurious and expensive but you'd be surprise to know that they have cheap hotels that can cater to everyone's fancy. 

Our El Nido trip was a big family vacation with my husband's family and my side of the family as well. Since everyone's schedule is so tight, we only had one day to tour El Nido, and island hopping is the only way to do it! All my pictures didn't need any filters because it was beautiful on its own, I don't even think my pictures give justice to the beauty of El Nido. 

If you are on a tight budget, your best option is to stay in El Nido's Town or Poblacion. They have a wide range of cheap accommodations. Transportation is not a problem since there a lot of tricycle that can take you around the town. Restaurants here are also cheap and has a variety of food selection. If you are a seafood freak like me, then you came to the right place!

As for getting to El Nido, there is a Direct flight from Manila to El Nido via Island Transvoyager Inc. But if you want to hit 2 birds in one stone and visit the famous Underground River in Puerto Princesa then you can take the Manila- Puerto Princesa route (there is also a direct DVO-Puerto flight via Cebpac) and from there you can travel for 4-5 hours by land, a bit tiring but its worth it if you ask me.



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