Island Girl

I've always dreamt of living in a island, well technically Philippines is a big Island and the beach is just 30 minutes away, but you know what I mean lol ( good luck with that cause I don't even know what I mean! haha). Anyhoo, since we were pressed with time for our Honeymoon, we opted a quick getaway to Phuket, Bangkok. It was such an adventure and even though we spent almost a day traveling to reach Phuket, it was all well worth it. 

1. A bumpy elephant ride from a drunk elephant.

2. Watching the beautiful waves of Kata Beach.

3. Exploring the City the best way possible, renting a scooter.

4. Fell in love with Kata Beach.

5. The Famous Phi Phi Island.

6. Patong Beach.

7. A lost kitty in Phi Phi Island ( yes i needed to include this photo, just because... hahaha)

8. Our beautiful hotel resort - Burasari  <3

9. Colorful boats in Phi Phi Island.

Patong Beach is the most famous and the most commercialized beach in Phuket. We read a lot of negative reviews about how crowded it is and how its not suitable for honeymooners, but we still opted to stay here because we wanted to be near the action. We had no regrets, we enjoyed exploring Patong by foot and later on by a scooter. We enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Patong and the different restaurants and markets, though the beach was not impressive we still love Patong.

The Famous Phi Phi Island, from the movie "The Beach". It really was famous because it was so crowded with tourist. It was beautiful but compared to El Nido, Phi Phi Island was "just okay" haha. I guess I was taken aback by the crowd and all the parked speed boats. Snorkeling spots were a bit murky and the fishes weren't afraid of the tourist at all, feeding them was like a scary scene in Piranha movie, a bit exag but i thats how I felt. If you really want to explore Phi Phi, just prepare yourself for a bumpy speed boat ride, and a whole lot of crowd.

My favorite Beach in Phuket. Kata was a pleasant surprise! We rode our trusty rented scooter going to Kata, it was around 15-20 minute ride from Patong. You can easily ride a tuk tuk if you don't know how to drive a scooter, but it's gonna cost you cause tuk tuk are a bit expensive in Phuket (like everything else). The sand was not as white as Boracay but it was as powdery as it can get. We love the crystal blue waters and the big waves, it was a surfer's paradise but sadly there wasn't a surfer in sight. If you are going to Phuket and wanted a peaceful area but still wanted some bit of city life, Kata Beach is your best choice.

Surin I think is one of the posh beaches in Phuket, We decided to have a late lunch in Surin because Hubby read a lot of nice review about Catch beach club and Diamond beach club. It was a perfect place to lounge and watch the beautiful sunset. I wish we weren't so tired though cause it would have been nice to stay and experience the night life in Surin. We decided to go back to our hotel early to rest and opted to have dinner just around Patong. 

Phuket was an awesome trip for us, I guess the only downfall would have been time, it would have been great to extend our stay a day or two just like any vacation ;-p. 

If you are planning to go to Phuket my best advice would be, to rent a scooter and explore the island on your own. You can easily rent it anywhere in the city, pick a place that is close to your hotel so that you can easily return it. You just have to leave your passport with them, pay around 250- 500 Baht (for a day) for rental and pay for your own gas, believe me, gas was more cheap than riding a tuk tuk! Go have fun and get lost! :)


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