La La La Dreamland

I'm a beach girl by heart, I think you guys know that by now and so far this year has been a big beach theme travel and I'm loving every moment of it. When we went to Bali, there wasn't a specific place/ beach that we wanted to visit. We decided to just wing it and ask around and decide from there. I  guess you can say we're a big "Lets go get lost" kind of people. 

So we decided to rent a car from the hotel, which is cheap by the way ( $70 for 6 hours, inclusive of gas and driver) and just copy the travel itinerary of travel brochures. We decided to visit dreamland beach cause let's face it, white sand is still the best (yes I'm racist like that! haha, but only with sand promise!!!) and we were pleasantly surprise with the beach. The waves was ridiculous though, I thought Kata Beach in Phuket had big waves, but this was crazy big, borderline scary actually. My sister and I couldn't stay in the water for long cause we were so tired from trying to save ourselves from the waves hahaha. We had good laughs though, i had my first taste of white sand (literally i ate sand haha) plus I got like a handful of sand stuck in my hair, it was sooo fun. 

Looks peaceful at first. 

As you can see, I was running for my life and laughing my ass off! hahaha ;-p

Dreamland Beach is not that long though, it was quite a small beach, and honestly the restaurant was crappy, My Mie Goreng order was like Pancit Canton tetra pack with added veggies. Showers were also not comfortable at all. I guess this place is kind of raw and lack development, which is good for some but for me, I prefer beaches with good facilities and good food most importantly. 

Will post more about our adventures in Bali soon! :) 


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