Sea Circus

I'm still blogging bout Bali??? Its been 3 weeks already and I'm still talking about it haha. Its kind of hard to compose a blog post with so much photos in it so I thought it was a good idea to dissect it a little bit. So forgive my Bali post cause its gonna be awhile before I finish blogging about everything.

Sea Circus was one of my favorite restos in Bali, though some may disagree cause its full of tourist plus it serves Tacos (not so Balinese right?!?) , I still love the place. I really love the vibe of this place, it kinda felt like I was chillin in Boracay (comparing Bali to Boracay again???) plus with all the Australians hanging around the place, I have to admit i felt kinda cool and very international haha. Food was also good, not crazy cheap, just right! Would definitely recommend this place! :)


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