I dream of Macaron

There is something about these sweet pastel colored dessert that I love so much. It was not easy, it was not love at first bake, I probably shed a few tears after a million and one failed attempt, but when I finally perfected you, I knew it was destiny, we would be together forever. 

Do not be fooled by this sweet and innocent looking dessert, you will need all the patience in the world to perfect these babies, but when you do, it's magical. I swear, i hear angels sing every time I see those beautiful macaron feet! 

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150g Almond meal
150g Powdered sugar
2 tsp cornstarch
50g egg whites
gel coloring

55g egg whites
35g white sugar

120g white sugar
40g (50ml) water

1.     Baking tools needed, Weighing scale, measuring spoon, saucepan, mixer with whisk attachment, candy thermometer, sifter, spatula, baking trays, parchment paper and piping bag.
2.     Sift almond meal and powdered sugar together into a large bowl. Add the 50g egg whites and mix until it becomes a dough-like consistency.
3.     For the meringue, beat the 55g egg whites in the bowl of your stand mixer until soft peaks form. When egg whites become bubbly, add the extra 35g sugar to stabilize it. DO NOT overbeat egg whites at this stage. After they have formed, turn down your mixer to "stir" or very low to keep them moving so they don't deflate.
4.     At the same time, put the water and sugar on the stove over medium-high heat and attach your candy thermometer. When the mixture gets bubbly all around with no spots of unboiled water (or 240 degrees F) pour the sugar syrup into the egg whites and turn up the speed of your mixer to high. Let it beat until the bowl of the mixer is warm to the touch (body temperature).
5.     Then, add 1/3 of the meringue to the mass and fold until you cannot see any more white streaks of meringue. After you have lightened the mass, add the rest of the egg whites and fold.
6.     If you want to add coloring, add it before you fold your last 1/3 part of egg whites.
7.     Place the batter in a piping bag. Pipe a 1 inch round circles in you baking tray covered with Parchment Paper.
1.     Tap the tray 2-3 times to get rid of Air bubbles.
2.     Let them dry for 30-40 minutes, until outer shell is dry.

3.     Bake for 13 minutes in 300F oven.

For the Filling, you can choose to add Ganache or Italian Meringue buttercream, or your favorite Jam, Sky's the limit!!! 

Italian Meringue Butter Cream

3 egg whites
¾ cup sugar
¼ cup water
pinch of salt
1 cup (225g) butter cut in cubes
1 tsp vanilla

1. Prepare your egg whites, pour it in your mixing bowl, add whisk attachment, set aside.

2. Cut butter into cubes, put it back in the refrigerator.

3. Place sugar, water and salt in a saucepan, boil in medium heat, when sugar starts to dissolve, start mixing your eggwhites in medium speed.

4. Wait for the sugar to turn into sugar syrup consistency, meaning all sugar is dissolve, remove from heat. Remove butter from the frigde set aside (next to your egg whites).

5. Turn your mixer to low speed and slowly add your hot sugar syrup to the egg whites. Your egg white mixture should have a soft peak (frothy and fluffy)  at this point. When all your sugar syrup has been added, turn your mixer to high speed and wait for your meringue to turn into stiff peak.

6. Turn your mixer to medium speed and slowly add butter (2 tbsp at a time)  to your stiff meringue, this will make it a bit runny, but don't worry, that is just part of the process. This is the time to be patient, wait for it to turn into a big ugly mess ( like an over curdled milk) then turn the mixer to high speed. Wait for a few minutes and then you will see a miracle. It will become light and fluffy, add vanilla, and you are done!


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